International creativity competition " Space through youth’ eyes: for life on the Earth" dedicated to

55th anniversary of Yuri A. Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut Training Center and cosmonaut squad

the 50th anniversary of the first man spacewalk

40th anniversary of the first : «Soyuz» — «Apollo» spaceships orbital docking

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Greetings from ISS

Greetings from International Space Station

The Competition Mission

The progress of mankind is closely linked to space exploration.

The 55th anniversary of the first space flight is rapidly approaching. More than 550 people of Earth have repeated the space route made by Yuri Gagarin. Many of them have been trained in the Research & Test Cosmonaut Training Center named after Yuri Gagarin, which celebrated its 55th anniversary in early spring of 2015.

150 years ago on March, 18 there was the first man spacewalk made by Alexey A. Leonov.

July, 17 1975 there was the first orbital docking of USSR «SOYUZ» and US «Apollo’ spaceships which was called «a space handshake». Since that time it has become obvious the international cooperation in space can open new horizons to humankind progress and life preservation on the Earth.

The deeper our exploration of the Universe will be, the clearer our understanding of our planet’ s uniqueness and fragility will become.

Nowadays despite all the scientific and technological achievements there is no absolute proof of life outside the Earth, there are only suggestions of various degree of certainty.

We consider out planet as a huge and a common place simultaneously, while on a space scale it is tiny in size, unique and exceptional in respect of living conditions on it in comparison to other stellar bodies of the Universe.

If more human nations threat out planet as a miracle and take more care of it and of other nations, they will be able to protect life together and do more good to our civilization.

Dear Participants

We hope your works of art will get insight into the future and show steps of space exploration and cover the topic of the uniqueness of life on the Earth.

We will collects children’s works of art from all over the world and they will contribute to the bright future of the Earth.

We are grateful to everyone who does not remain indifferent, and shows his vision of the future of our planet, the solar system, the galaxy «Milky Way».

We are sure that you have made a galaxy of arts to help everyone to find their orbit of creation.

Participation in the competition is a good incentive for your development. Space gives us vivid examples of courageous, brave people who devoted their lives to the service for the humankind.

Spaceflights contribute to better understanding of the past, the present and the future making the latter more humanistic.

Your creativity will show the way to success and will take place in all professional fields including medicine. Serving for the benefit of human health is beyond time.

In our space age biological knowledge significantly extend the capabilities of a person, making it stronger and more resistant to all challenges.

At the same time, new knowledge teaches us to appreciate life itself!

Conquering new space routes, discovering the secrets of the other planets of the solar system, the astronauts will always remember their cradle — beautiful planet Earth.

We have no doubt that your creative works will affect the life of many brave countrymen — heroes of space. You will be giving their peers a dream and the opportunity to consider the true value of life, the fragility of our planet and the importance of the preservation of life on it.

Today each of you creates our common future. And the more it is based on the good will of creativity, knowledge, sensitivity and charity, the brighter and wiser our future would be!

We wish you success, happiness and a happy flight of creativity for sake of life on Earth!