About happiness and Earth


About happiness and Earth


About happiness and Earth


Happiness… What is mean?

Who can tell me?

Somebody say, that it isn’t really,

That there is no happiness in the world.


I told the people,

That everybody have it.

Happiness – to see the sun,

To hear happy laughter!


Happiness – see the rainbow,

Bubbles in the pool.

You happy when you know

That somebody need you!


Happiness, when near you

Your lovely mom, and daddy too!

Happiness, when healthy

Grandfather and Grandmother!


Happiness, when Murzik

Purring on the your knees,

And your girlfriend Lenka

Haven’t got disease!


Clouds in the sky

Looks like cotton candy.

Happiness? Yes! And stars

Often call somewhere me …


In the diary “A” mark

For Kilimanjaro,

Happiness – know the penguins

And the land Zimbabwe!


Happiness, when greens

Very little germ

And on Birch’s stump –

Diminutive mushroom!


Happiness – breathe the air,

See a pure river!

What else for happiness

Human need?


Happiness – is to share

Your warmth with nearest people,

And world around

Become brighter!


Happiness, when the world

Is filled with magic light.

There is no pain, no suffering,

And all around you is the good!


Happiness, when you hear

How little children laughing!

Happiness – peace around you

And there is no feud on the world!


Doubt that piece of paper

Accommodate all happiness.

Happiness, that the Earth

Is no stand, but turns!


Author’s full name: Degteva Evgeniya
Project name: About happiness and Earth
Annotation to the project: The Earth has more than 7.5 billion people. To each his own happiness. In children it’s one thing to laugh, to enjoy the sun, to dream. In adults happiness different…. The happiest people on the planet is huge – it is cosmonauts and astronauts: between them there is no enmity or war, and always a kind smile and the hand of a friend, they are sincere in their dreams, they work for progress, peace and life. To see 16 times a day the sunrise and sunset over the beautiful Land that it just is, so precious, delicate and fragile, and there are spinning – is this not happiness?
Mentor’s name: Shishkina Lyudmila N.
Mentor’s position: The geography teacher
Name of educational organization, city, state: Tyumen college of economics, management and law