We invite to participate :
  • children of all social and cultural backgrounds
  • children from boarding schools and orphanages
  • children with limited abilities or disabilities
Age groups:
  • Preschoolers (up to 7 years)
  • 1-4 class pupils (7 — 10 years)
  • Pupils of 5-8 classes (11 — 14 years)
  • High school students : grades 9-11 (15 — 17 years)
  • Undergraduate students (18 and older)

Creativity Works Nominations

  • Application
  • Video film:
  • Music video
  • Short Film
  • Literature works:
  • Poem
  • A letter to the crew of the International Space Station
  • Visual arts
  • An experiment in space flight

Creative Flight Nomination: Topics and Ideas

  • Save home planet! (For the sake of life on Earth);
  • Planet Earth — the cradle of life;
  • The flight of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin of the planet;
  • Astronaut as a job;
  • A Man in Space: Past, present and future : to the 50th anniversary of the first man spacewalk made by Alexey A. Leonov;
  • The Astronauts are on the Guard of the World;
  • Russian Scientists and Cosmonauts’ Contribution to the World Space;
  • The exploration of Mars and other planets in the solar system;
  • A letter to the crew of the International Space Station;
  • Moon: Distant and Close
  • Biological Aspects of Space Flight;
  • Space and Medicine;
  • Life in Space: Present and Future Space Stations of the Earth, the International Space Station;
  • Animals — pioneers of spaceflights
  • Biological Satellites;
  • The Stars of the Milky Way: Distant and Mysterious;
  • The Address to Extraterrestrial Civilizations;
  • Life in Other Worlds;
  • In Search for Intelligent Life;
  • Mysterious Frontiers of the Universe;
  • Space Travel Generations.



  • Submitted works will be posted in the Competition official website;
  • Each author will be awarded by participation certificate;
  • Works will be promoted among young people;
  • Shortlisted works will be included in a traveling exhibition of creative works contest for display at major public and scientific-practical forums on issues of space exploration;
  • Award-winning works will be published.


Each supervisor is indicated in the certificate of participation and is awarded by the Organizing Committee thank-you letter.


  • The winners will be awarded at the Award Ceremony;
  • The winners will receive a special diploma and the opportunity to tell the audience about their interest to space;
  • The winning works will be presented to the crew of the International Space Station;
  • The winning address to the crew to the International Space Station will be broadcasted to the astronauts on orbit;
  • The best projects for experiments in space will be considered as candidates for inclusion in the scientific program of biological research performed on board the International Space Station, biological satellites or other space vehicles;
  • The authors of the best works will receive thank-you letters from the astronauts.