Other Land will not be !


Other Land will not be !

The earth – the magic planet,
She is full of heat and light.
Here for people all benefits are,
Not to consider the woods, fields, the seas.
And in a subsoil – oil, diamonds, gas,
And everything, about people, here for you!

But the world is ruled by a demon of evil,
Here and there the war thunders.
Plagued by bomb the chest of Earth,
And to live in the world all he could.
And moans, cries Mother Earth:
Oh, people, I gave you everything.
Live in the world and love.
You are children all of one Earth!
For you to blossom I am glad,
Cruel wars it isn’t necessary

The earth is more beautiful than all the planets
In the whole Universe!
Let’s remember, people:
Another such will not be!

Author’s full name: Lukashev Oleg
Age: from 11 to 14 years
Project name:  « Other Land will not be !»
Annotation to the project: The earth is a beautiful planet, and people have to live on it in peace and harmony. Let there be cruel wars. Let’s take care of planet Earth!
Mentor’s name: Vysotskaya Olga N.
Mentor’s position: Teacher of Russian Language and Literature at Secondary School №7
Name of educational organization, city, state: Buturlinovsky secondary education school №7 Buturlinovsky municipal distict the Voronezh region, Russia