The dream


The dream

The dream…

I want to be a cosmonaut.
But there is only a desire… Are they adopt me?
But at the moment in my dream I can lift to stars and sun!

I want to fly in the sky,
Fly up like white and freedom bird,
I want to sing a poem
About what is happening in the sky.

What is happened – I can’t tell you
In one little tiny stitch
Throw the grass a little flower
Pulling petals to the sky.

Slightly above the crown of trees
They rustle in the wind.
On the huge, prodigious Earth
The piece of world enough for all.

On blue sky above the forest
Clouds are dancing Waltz and Tango.
And above the fluffy cloud
The sun is shining like a fire.

Above the ground the birds are flying,
And insects whirl around the field.
But I want higher, want to be closer
To stars with help my useful wing.

I can see the perfect picture
Of a bright-red wonder sunset,
After raining cloudy weather
Rainbow is hurrying somewhere.

Up to stars there is a shine
Close to the Pole it’s sparkles
Like some kind of crazy fire
It is frolicking on the palate.

A little bit higher I’m like seagull
Fly around the Earth’s orbit.
Are you hearing me, the Terrans?
My call sign is «Miracle Bird».

From the sky around the trees
I can see my lovely Earth
In the halo of bright colors
I see lakes and tiny rivers,
See the huge fantastic ocean.
I see sand of jumbo deserts,
Colors of plains, the hills and mountains…
In the perpetuity cosmos
Our Globe only-begotten.

It is fantastic in the sky!
I want to stay here all the time!
But the alarm’s sound I here clear.
I must wake up! Wake up right now!

To solve the mystery of cosmos,
You need to want to strive for knowledge.
Without this «Miracle Bird» can’t soar
To the brightest stars.

And on the Earth there are the mysteries,
And they are need to get the key.
But now I sit on boring lesson
And solve the riddle of magic stars…

Author’s full name: Andreeva Yulia
Project name: The dream
Annotation to the project: The poem about the dream, like Mayakovskiy write: « Please listen! After all, if stars are lit – it means, that somebody needs? It means that somebody wants them to be? It means, that somebody named this little pieces the pearls?… It means, that it is necessary, that every evening under the roofs must start lighted though one star?! »
Mentor’s name: Shishkina Ludmila Nikolaevna
Mentor’s position: The geography teacher
Name of educational organization, city, state: Municipal breech educational institution «boarding school Panaevskaya», Panaevsk village