Units of heroes among the millions


Units of heroes among the millions

Units of heroes among the millions
And I can become it once!
Vector mine – Alexei Leonov
Hero of the Soviet Union, twice!

Since half a century has passed,
As he showed courage is gravity
Open space, where there are no human
Especially in emergency situation.

The vast expanses of the cosmos is not released
The co-pilot of the ship,
But, having adjusted to suit all details
He suddenly found himself at the helm!

Before landing, breaking again,
But the hero of the sunrise!
To be proud of their descendants,
He returned unharmed and alive!

I want such people
They are with us always,
Keep the peace, together, we will,
Then go to the other planets of the train!

Author’s full name: Dolzhenko Denis
Project name: Units of heroes among the millions
Annotation to the project:In this paper I would like to express my admiration for courageous and brave man like Leonov, who was the first to take a step into space. He was in danger but he opened to us this unknown world.
Mentor’s name: Sobolev Vladimir
Mentor’s position: Associate Professor, PhD
Name of educational organization, city, state: Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, North-West State Medical University